Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where's that week go?

It kind of all went by in a blur and now here we are in Memorial Day weekend.

Last weekend was a great weekend just hanging out around the house, getting some organizing done with the new garage AND having friends over for dinner with their cutie patootey 7 month old son!

I can't believe how big Emmett is already - I've only seen him a few times, spaced a couple of months apart and every time - it's just wonderful to see how much he's growing and learning.  Last time was when Logan was about two months old and big E was just about to sit on his own.  Now - he's sitting in a high chair, super curious about everything and thoroughly enjoys throwing toys off his high chair and having his mom and dad pick them up!

Monday was a wonderful day for the simple fact that Logan LAUGHED big time.  He's done some short laugh / giggle stuff in the last couple of weeks - but this was dedicated laughter.  If I could can that and sell it - it would be pure happiness.  It was silly too - I was simply just saying his name with him laying on my legs and suddenly this huge smile breaks out and he starts laughing.  We've had a few ha-has since then, but we haven't heard any more big laughs like that.

Joe managed to adjust the jumperoo even now it's completely usable for Logan and he LOVES it even more than he did.  He's been keeping me company in the kitchen while I cook in the jumperoo sometimes...I need to find a slightly better spot so that he's not in front of the garbage can and so close to the stove.

But he's totally digging it.

Tummy time has been going really well lately.  Daycare has him do a fair amount of it while he's there - both supported and unsupported.  Gotta build those muscles so that he can crawl and sit up soon!

While I was dropping Logan off at daycare this week, I asked if he'd been laughing there at all and they said"oh yeah, definitely".  When I mentioned I had just heard it on Monday, they said "then nope, we haven't heard it at all.  It doesn't count unless Mommy or Daddy hear it and it gets written in the baby book by them."  I guess there's an unspoken rule at daycare that what happens at daycare stays at daycare.  They still want Joe or I to have all those special moments of first seeing Logan do "whatever" and think that it's the first time.  One of my favorite providers did say that sometimes they'll hint "So, has baby rolled over at all this week" sort of a thing. I thought that was sort of cool.

I spent a little time with Logan in the middle of the day on Thursday and that made my week.  It was fun to just chill with him for a bit.

Then Friday rolls around...Logan hadn't slept well Thursday night and we came home to explosive poo all over the living room carpet.  We could smell that we had a mess the minute we walked in the house.  Awesome.  Friday we woke up to both Logan and Sabot being sick.  Logan was crazy congested and felt warm, but his temp was normal at the time.  Sabot was still having tummy issues. Joe stayed home to take the dog to the vet and I headed into work with Logan.  30 minutes later, I got a call that he had a fever, so I needed to go get him.  Boo.  

He was mega stuffed up (eyes tearing up almost constantly) so I whipped out the intimidating looking Nosefrida - I was a little scared of this thing and hesitant to use it because Logan HATES the aspirator bulb.  But - this thing did the trick and he was still smiling at the end of every time I used it.  Score!  It's super effective...a little gross, but whatever does the trick.  Those brilliant Swedes!

Today was better for all creatures in the house. Logan slept like a champ last night, waking up only once.  I got out and got a nice ride in with my friend / training partner.  And, I even weeded the garden a little after Logan went to sleep for the night ('s still early, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

Tomorrow is another gorgeous day here.  I'm hoping to go for a run in the morning with Logan and then we have friends coming over tomorrow afternoon.

Logan is loving trying to sit up right now.  He can sometimes hold himself up...for a second.  And then he tips over.  Eventually....

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  1. Love the photo of E and Logan! It was so fun to see you guys. Thanks so much for having us over. I'm so glad you tried the Nosefrida! We haven't used it yet and it scares me too. Hope both of your little guys are feeling better soon.