Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another weekend?!

Where does the time go?  This weekend is extra-luxurious since Logan is back to normal temperature wise.  All the congestion started draining (lovely) he's still a little snuffly.

Random joys this weekend.

1) We were giving Logan his bath on Friday night when pee started shooting out of the tub.  This was the second night in a row and it would have been one thing if we just had the little water fountain.  The impressive part was that the pee flew ALL THE WAY over the end of the tub for the most part and suceeded in not really contaminating the tub (all that much). 

2) We've been air drying Logan's bottom all the way in between diapers to try to help out a nasty diaper rash.  Yeah, there are all kinds of creams that we could use, or apple cider vinegar (see, I read your post, Bianca!)...but we just decided to use some dried out wipes with water (not the wet wipes with whatever is on them) and air dry.  Plus, continuing with the Burt's Bees diaper cream.  Anyway, Logan is very helpful while we're fanning him dry - he is usually holding his feet up so we can get at his bottom.  Awesome.

3) He was most definitely reaching to pet (ok, grab) Sabot this morning.  Sabot was giving Logan kisses and Logan was reaching for jowls and nose.  Loved it.

4) Picked up some Washington grown strawberries from the store and cranked out some freezer jam in about an hour yesterday.  It came out MUCH better than the blackberry jam (ok, syrup) that I did last year.  I think I boiled it longer, which allowed the pectin to bloom (is that the right word?) properly.  I demonstrated how awesome my jam was to Joe by holding the container upside down confidently over an expectant Sabot.  Sabot was disappointed to say the least.

Friday night I started cooking a bone-in pork shoulder for dinner today using this recipe:  Classic Slow Cooked Cuban Pork.  If you don't have the means to roast a whole pig (or the desire), I'd say this recipe comes the closest to anything I've tried for that flavor and texture.  This was way better than the 3 ingredient BBQ Pork Shoulder I did from the Cook's Illustrated Slow Cooker book.  I really like chilling the pork in the cooking liquid for a bit - it makes the fat (which is what makes a shoulder so yummy) super easy to remove.

So, when I was pregnant, I was introduced to the concept of bringing meals over for new parents (or parents who were welcoming another child).  I feel bad that it took me that long to realize how much of a lifesaver that sounded like...I have a number of friends who had kids in the preceding years to me finally being pregnant and I wish I could have helped them out after their little one arrived.

Getting back to my point - when Logan arrived, I understood just how awesome it was to have someone bring Joe and I a fully prepared meal.  Sleep deprived, sore, trying to care for a tiny little human...that's all pretty overwhelming at first.  That first week, we had at least four or five friends drop by with meals.  And most of them honestly just did a meal drop, looked at the baby and left.  No expectations of entertaining...nothing.  It was wonderful.  Yeah, Logan wasn't a lot of work at that point...but we were exhausted from the constant demands.  3 hours of straight sleep sounded amazing....even better if it was in bed and not in the recliner.

So the pork is mostly going to neighbor who had her 6th (!!) little one a week ago...I've been thinking about how grateful I am to the friends who were able to stop by with food....and to my mom who helped out something amazing and cooked almost every  dinner for the 2 weeks she was here.  People are pretty awesome when it comes to taking care of new moms and families...

After some crazy rainstorms yesterday, we got out for a walk in the afternoon with Logan's new bucket hats from my mom.  Gotta love the South Siders.

I keep thinking he's too big for the newborn lounger....but it keeps serving a purpose.  the bonus us that I can drag him around on it and it gets dust up!

Logan loves to be touching me - even if it's just his feet - when we're hanging out.

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  1. Poor guy, I hope his rash clears up soon! I find that air drying and consistent baths help a lot too. How are you liking Burts Bees? We are nearing the bottom of the pot of Mother Love. It's been working great but I wonder if other, more readily available, diaper ras creams would work just as well. I guess I'll have to look into whether it's cloth diaper friendly too.