Saturday, June 09, 2012

Awesome today...

Why today was awesome:

1) 26 mile (plus a little bit) bike ride.  Yeah!  Lots of hills...I was smoked, but it felt great.  I really (!!) need to work on my mid-ride nutrition.  I need to swap my water for something else (hammer, cytomax, etc).

2) Well, really this is number one.  Logan was laughing at himself in the mirror today.  totally funny and wonderful.  I just had him propped up between my legs and had a little skip hop mirror there...he kept laughing and smiling.  It was killer.  I could have sat there all day.  No video...because I just didn't want to disturb the moment.

3) Joe and I went out for a beer with Logan between dinner and his bedtime.  It was a really nice break to the day.

4) When my mother-in-law and i were shopping at costco (many, many weeks ago - I think Logan was about 5 or 6 weeks old), I saw another new(ish) mom walking around with her kid in a Moby.  I thought that was a brilliant idea...and have had that in the back of my mind since then.  Well, today was that day.  I needed to pick up a crazy amount of paper products and there was no room for his carseat in the stroller.  The Moby rocked. It was great to have my hands free - and Logan was (I think) digging looking around.

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  1. Yay on all 4 counts! Does the moby have a way to face baby outward? I think Penny would like it more if we could do that.

    P's- I got your emails, slowly working on responding :)