Friday, June 08, 2012


I treasure the time that we get to spend with Logan in the evenings before he goes to bed.  Our routine goes like this:

home from work, walk the dog, nurse the baby, play with the baby, make dinner, do dishes (either Joe or I), give baby bath and put baby to sleep (and nurse again).  All before 7pm.

I get really cranky and upset when daycare feeds him right before he's due to be picked up (even more so when it's his 5th bottle of the day).  Especially when it hasn't been 2 hours since his last feeding.  Especially when he hasn't slept for more than 5 minutes since 10 am. And even more so when the provider says "well, he was crying".  Yes, I'd cry too if I needed to nap and hadn't.

That just messes up the whole "routine" for the evening.  It worked out tonight - but I just enjoy that little bit of snuggling, closeness and nursing.  It gives me a chance to breathe and relax from the day and just spend some nice time with Logan.

But, we had a nice evening regardless....Logan was in a good mood....he snuggled with Joe a lot.  It was nice.

We're starting to get Logan used to the high chair before it's time to introduce solids at 6 months.  He doesn't totally dig it and its still a little big for him.  What you don't see are the blankets propping him up on either side of his body!

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