Thursday, June 21, 2012

The neverending ear infection...

Sheesh...We're on about day 4 of an ear infection.  Joe and I have been trading days off since we got a call from daycare on Monday morning reporting a fever of 103.  Off to the doctor Joe and Logan went while I stayed at work (boo!).  It was quickly diagnosed as an ear infection - likely caused by nasal congestion.  He did wake up extra congested that morning, but I thought nothing of it.  Oddly enough - I was talking about the ear infection at work with someone yesterday and he mentioned that he had major sinus pressure Sunday night / Monday AM and that a front must have passed through the area.  I'm going to blame that!  All the pics here are from random times the last few days...

The dr said ear infections can pop up overnight, wrote a prescription and sent Joe on his way.  Luckily, Logan has been (mostly) chipper through the whole thing - no pulling at his ear, sleeping pretty well, smiling, chatting, etc.  He just is super congested (still) - even after me putting saline drops down his nose and trying to suck out the boogers...good times.

Hopefully the kiddo is better tomorrow..but if not...there goes the week!

While we've been home, we've...gotten the garden weeded (joe), made cake pops for a friends wedding (me), done laundry (both), and found lots more clothes for logan (me) that were in the "6 month" pile in a separate box.  Whoops - I knew where the 3-6 month clothes were but forgot that when my mom kindly sorted them - that the "6 month" clothes (which are really 3-6 month) were in a different box.  Unfortunately, we still haven't located an elusive "alien eye hat"...It was probably wrapped in packaging material and tossed with the box when we got it (sorry, Marianne... :-(  )...

Awesome news!  Grandma Patti will be visiting again in early September.  I had been trying to get back to Chi-town in August / September but after my mom and I spoke - it sounded a lot more appealing to have her come this way (let's see - an airplane trip and renting a car by myself with a 7 month old?...).  So excited to have her out here to hang with Logan.  

So, let's see...what has Logan been up to lately?  We got him to sit up on his own for about a second this week.  He's passing toys from hand to hand. Taking the pacifier out of his mouth and waving it at our faces (this usually happens when I'm trying to put him to sleep - I think he's saying "see how it feels to have this thing shoved at you?!").  When we play with Sabot, either in the house or out in the yard, he's watching Sabot run back and forth.  And, we think he's chunking up a little bit.  Which is super cute.  

Hopefully, today is the last day of the fever...I really want him to feel better, get rid of this congestion and continue on.  I suspect that we're going to be in for lots of days off taking care of Logan this year, given that this is already illness #2 that we've held him at home for in less than 2 months.

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  1. Oh no, I hope he feels better soon! Poor guy. :(