Saturday, June 30, 2012


When did a 5 month old baby arrive in the house?  Craziness.  Seems like he was just so small (ok, not really all that small) just a few short days ago.

Stats are:  approx 16 1/2 pounds (he's chunking up - it's cute!) and 27 inches long.  Those put him in about the 60th and 90th percentiles, respectively.  Not that those mean anything. :-)

Here's what he's up to now:

scooting in circles
squirming all over the place
arching his back to let us know he isn't liking how he's positioned
sleeping on his side
sleeping on his tummy
putting his toes in his mouth
doing a "tripod" sit for several seconds before he weeble-wobbles over
rolls a LOT from back / tummy and back again.  Happily.
passing toys from hand to hand
reaching for toys on his tummy
banging toys on his high chair
playing with all the toys in the jumperoo
reaches for Sabot and Yankee.  He manages to grab fur if everyone is close enough, so we've started to work on "gentle"

It's super fun to continue watching him learn and explore.  He's totally figuring out how to move his body around.  When his hands used to get stuck in a certain way, he wasn't able to turn over.  He can completely put that hand to where it needs to be now.

And, I think I've determined that the kid is not a napper.  Unless it's supposed to be THIS hard to a) get him to sleep (and to realize he's tired) and b) keep him asleep for naps.  Sigh.  At least he's pretty chipper usually..

Finally...Logan's favorite way of doing tummy time...although he doesn't get to move around much.  His feet now touch my feet when we're like this.  Amazing.

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