Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day weekend!

Ah, the weekend.  A time when we can relax and catch up with Logan time.  :-)  When I walk out that gate at work on Friday, I'm just thinking happy, happy thoughts for the weekend and all the snuggle time I'm going to have with the little one.

It was a pretty easy week, all things considered.  Work is ramping up in terms of chaos...we just have a lot of balls that we're juggling right now.  Two pretty high level briefs coming up this week that I've been doing the background work for.  Add to that having to brief our project to some senior leadership earlier this week (completely unexpected - the boss didn't make it to the meeting)...and some crazy technical problems that require a lot of attention right's been fun (seriously).

Logan is moving along with daycare.  We increased bottle size for two of the daytime bottles - much to my dismay.  I still swear that they're overfeeding him (18 ounces in about 9 hours)....but he's been sleeping a little better during the day.  I'm torn.  Part of me wants to keep pushing the issue that breastfed babies dont' need bottle sizes increased like formula babies and that an ounce an hour is a typical rule of thumb for breastfed bottles.  But, I also don't want to rock the boat too much and become the "problem" parent.  I have a pretty good relationship with a couple of the care providers right now - they're letting me know what they're working on with Logan and how he's doing.

Starting on about Wednesday night - he slept ALL THE WAY through the night for three nights straight - and without the swaddle.  It was amazing.  I woke up at about 4am wondering if he was still breathing.  I assumed he was...He managed to put himself asleep without the swaddle last night too.  So, double bonus!  He only slept till 3am last night, but still!

We're also discovering that Logan is a mover now!  Rolling back and forth all over the place....we really can't leave him unattended for more than a minute or so anymore because who knows what position he'll be in when we get back!

To celebrate Father's Day, Joe wanted to go to the Washington Brewers Fest over in Marymoor Park.  This is about the only family friendly brew fest in the area...none of our friends could join us this year, but it's going to be a blast in the future to do a little picnic / camp-out sort of thing.  They have a play area for kids with bouncy toys, bubbles, etc.  We were telling Logan all about the fun he was going to have in future years.

We finally had a ferry ride with the kiddo being awake and we were the first car on the ferry (a result of missing the prior one by less than 3 minutes) made for great views of Seattle.  Joe and Logan had to sport their semi-matching beer shirts from Stone Brewing...

Check out our new big London Eye-type ferris wheel on the waterfront!  Kind of lame since it seems that every city has one these days (although the one in Singapore is the worlds largest - too bad that wasn't on my whirlwind tour when I was there last year).

Joe had pre-purchased our tix from Sound Brewing here in Poulsbo.  Good thing too!  Saved us a good 30 minutes waiting in line...finally, we were ready to taste!  Logan slept for about 30 minutes once we got into the festival...until Joe walked right in front of the stage with the loud music.  I really wonder what he's thinking sometimes...but, that meant that it was time for L to be out and about in the Ergo with daddy!

Somebody has a yankee baseball cap now!

Logan!  It's a little early to be tasting that beer!  ;-)

Happy family!  We were getting lots of comments on our cutie pie - both when Joe and i were holding him.  He was a smiling, happy kiddo. 

We found a nice quiet area so that he could be changed, relax outside of the stroller or ergo and I could feed him.  He's been such an awesome traveler!

My favorite picture of the day...Logan always has smiles for Mommy!

Today we're just hanging out at home.  I'm off to swim and grocery shop here in a little bit (whenever Logan wakes up and i feed him)....Joe is (hopefully!) going to spend some time working in the garage today, but we'll see...

Happy first Father's Day to Joe!  

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