Monday, July 16, 2012

Assistant Brewmaster!

Logan is all decked out in his Stone Brewing onesie and ready to help Daddy make beer for the pig roast today!  It's a great day for it too - soggy and cool.  Heating up the garage with a propane stone just isn't as fun when it's completely hot out.

We had a nice week here.  Seems like the evenings go way too quickly.  With the stuff that Joe and I try to get done when we get home (mowing the lawn, dishes, cooking, etc) - some nights it seems like one of us doesn't get much time at all with the little guy.

He's slowly making progress towards sitting - we're getting 20 second spurts of uprightness every now and then.  Lots of wonderful tummy time too! 

I think L is finally settling into daycare.  He's taking good naps there more frequently - which is really reassuring.  The bottle situation is what it is...I had great advice a couple of weeks ago about really picking my battles with daycare.  Considering that L is going to be at this particular one until he's three...I just gently spoke with the care providers and will stand my ground in my own way (not completely giving him 5 ounces each day with each bottle and not bringing in the spare).  I figure they have my number if it gets really desperate - but I can't see that happening.

My cold managed to get worse again this week and turn into a nice cough.  I think there were some folks at work who were a little afraid that I was typhoid Mary....It was an absolutely insane week at work....just crazy.  The next few weeks don't seem to indicate that they'll get much better given all the various meetings and things we have coming up (briefing a 3 star, possibly the CNO calls from HQ out the ying-yang).  I love the fast days, but they are just zooming by.

Doing another slow cooker sunday - today is Teriyaki Chicken from the Art of the Slow Cooker.  It ended up being really good - the chicken was cooked for only about 3 hours - (bone-in skinless thighs) which left them still super juicy.  Last week was Rachael Ray's Beef Brisket - shredded to make sliders!  Super yummy and easy.  Her recipe, like so many others that I've been trying lately, have a little bit of prep work to make the food even better.  While it make take away from the "dump and forget it" method - the results are above and beyond what comes out that way.  Spending time up front on browning the meat, reducing a sauce to concentrate flavors, pre-cooking the veggies - only makes everything that much better. 

I also made Joy the Baker's Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins today - amazing!  Tender cake, lots of nice nutty flavor from that browned butter.  And it could all be done in about 15 minutes while Logan entertained himself on the playmat.  Awesome!

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  1. Love that L has a Stone onesie :) Love and miss Stone...