Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hectic week...

Well, it was one of those weeks where I think Joe and I both blinked...and then it was gone.

Sunday went well enough - you saw the brewing pics in a previous post.  However, Sunday night was a bear!  The little one woke up at 8:30pm, I got him back down...and then he woke up again at 10:15pm. Screaming. Joe was just cleaning up the beer stuff, so I didn't even bother to see if he would get him.  An hour later - he wasn't screaming when he was held, but was hardly settling down at all and I finally gave up and told Joe he had it.  Joe gave it a go for about 30 minutes (the whole time of which Logan was screaming - let's just say Joe and I have different methods - and they have each worked on other occasions) and I couldn't take it anymore.  Seriously - the screaming was exhausting and stressful for ME!  So, we finally did it - we plopped Logan in the carseat and went for a drive at 11:30pm.  The dude was asleep - until we got home.  Luckily he was relaxed enough to just go right to sleep.  Until 4:30am.....shoot - that's over an hour before his "normal" time when I get him up on weekdays.  And he wouldn't go back to sleep at 4:30.  Ugh.  And he only had a short nap at daycare...awesome.

But, he slept pretty darn well most of the other nights this week.  Anywhere from zero to one wakeup.  All in all, I can't (and shouldn't) complain.

I did love it though, when a co-worker was up late at home working on stuff for the office (emergent last minute briefing package for a 3 star...I probably should have been the one doing it, but I leave work at 1602 these days and don't spend time at home doing it) and then commented the next day that he needed to go home and catch up on sleep - after having a little over 5 hours of non-stop sleep.  I didn't say anything...but - figured that men just don't understand....

Yeah, so it was one of those weeks at work.  Lots of stuff to prep for...lots of meetings - it was hectic.  So hectic, in fact, that even in the evenings, I think Joe and I ate a couple of meals after L went to bed or they were on the fly (and not at the dinner table).

One of the things I love is that Joe and I, almost every night, have dinner together - at the dinner table.  The TV is off - and it's just a chance to relax, enjoy a meal and chat about random things (half the time it's work - but that's ok).  That's definitely something that is important for me to continue doing with Logan - hence having him in a high chair right there with us now.  There's been a fair amount of research about the benefits of eating together as a family - and it all starts when the kids are young.

Since Logan isn't actually "eating" with us yet, I decided that dinner time is a good chance to introduce dinner implements.  We have a sippy cup (without a lid) there for him to play with and suck on - and we introduced the spoon a few weeks ago.  Sometimes he has it in the right way - other times he's sticking the wrong end in way too far and kind of gags on it - but - he's learning.  And we just kind of let him play with it so that he gets used to it...

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  1. It feels like I blink and each time these kids get bigger.. L looks linesmen a big boy now!