Thursday, July 26, 2012

Here Moosey Moosey!

Well, we were welcomed into the Moose Den at Safeco Field yesterday...somewhat amazing considering that we were (all) wearing Yankees gear.  Seriously - the Moose Den was awesome.  I never knew it before, but Safeco field is super family friendly...we got Logan's first game certificate, took pics with the Moose, checked our stroller at guest services and they even have a Nursing Lounge so that I could nurse Logan in comfort. 

Shockingly, the Yankees actually won a game with Joe in attendance.  And it was the third game in the homestand for Ichiro wearing a Yankees uniform.

Logan spent most of the game either lounged back on one of us or in the Ergo.  I love that he fits so well everywhere right now.  He did amazingly well with minimal fussiness.  It was probably a LOT to take in for such a big outing.  We had planned on getting there for batting practice, but didn't realize how much longer everything takes with a little one.

We don't have many traditions in our house....even holidays have been spent somewhere else most of the time.  But, M's vs Yankees is of the few traditions we have and one that we're excited to share with Logan.

Unfortunately, another tradition seems to be Logan coming down with something about once a month.  We're home with him again for the remainder of this week.  Bummer...we had planned on going to the Highland Games in Enumclaw to watch a co-worker of Joe's throw things (she's a world record holder) - but I think we're just hanging out around the area for now.

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  1. I didn't know about the Moose Den! I'll have to check it out for P's first game. Glad it was a great experience for all!