Saturday, July 07, 2012

July 4th

We had an extra relaxing July 4th holiday this year.  Since it was middle of the week and Joe and I were both working on either side of it, we didn't do anything extra special or really go anywhere. 

Summer has finally arrived in the amazing Pacific NW and July 4th started it all off.  Logan and I went for a short (1.5 mile) run in the morning, followed by a lot of lounging around outside and capped off with a trip to a local brewery that is on a farm.

I was determined to actually be in some of the photos with Logan for once, so Joe was my picture taker for the day and I did a number of self portraits too (with L).

We have such a chill little guy - he was awesome at Slippery Pig brewery.  Just hanging out, looking around and enjoying checking out all the new things.

Yesterday, the day after he got checked out by pediatrician for closure on the ear infection, a new sickness set in.  So, we have a coughy, congested little boy right now. Ah well...we've still been relaxing and enjoying the weekend.

We've had near success today with sitting.  Almost 7 or 8 seconds unsupported a time or two.  SO CLOSE!

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  1. Way to go, L! We are working on raspberries this week and she's starting gofer a hang of it!