Sunday, July 22, 2012

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

We had a good friend in town for a day and, with his little girl who is growing up super fast - we met up at Pt Defiance Zoo in Tacoma.  This was the first time Joe and I had been to this zoo - so it was definitely something we wanted to check out.  

Logan did awesome, as always.  We had one nursing break and that,along with a short nap in the stroller, kept him going for the almost 3.5 hours we were at the park. He's a trooper!

He spent most of the time in the stroller and, honestly, was too far away from most of the animals to really notice much.  But, in the Rocky Harbor (I think that's the name) underwater viewing area for the sea otters, walruses, puffins (mmm - tasty in the Faroe Islands!) and sea lions - he could really see the animals right there.

He especially loved the puffins - there was one of two of them right there splashing around in front of him and was watching them go back and forth. 

 I was reminded, again, why I'm not a zoo fan.  The poor tigers were pacing back and forth in their cages...penguins confined to a (seemingly) small habitat...all these amazingly beautiful animals are just kept in such small areas when they're used to (or, if they've lived their lives in captivity - supposed to) be able to roam in the outside.  And, really - Asian elephants in the NW?!  The climate is nowhere near the same...

Zoos do great things - I adore the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal park and even the San Diego zoo is pretty darn good with most of their habitats.  The good zoos do good work with conservation....but it's still not something I love.  Don't even talk to me about Sea World!  I went a few years ago in San Diego and will never willingly go again.

I don't doubt that we'll head back for Zoo Lights this winter...but that's probably going to be our only annual trip to the zoo...

On a happy note - it was WONDERFUL to see this friend - he's been away from the area for about 12 years and it's such a treat to spend even a few hours with him.  Until our next ski vacation together!

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  1. Love the pictures, especially L's reaction to the puffins! I'm rather a puffin fan myself.
    I agree about 'showpiece' animal venues, i.e. Sea World. We last went to Sea World maybe 6 or 7 years ago. I thought the whole show was sad and said I'd never go to another.