Saturday, July 21, 2012

Race Recap...

Last Saturday I did my first triathlon in well over a year...back when I signed up in March, I was thinking that Logan would settle into a nap routine, that I'd be able to work out in the morning before work or at night after L went to sleep...and that getting to working out again would be easy.

Was I wrong.

I finally started "training" for this triathlon (I registered for the Olympic distance - 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike and a 10k run) about when I started working again.  I was getting in about 2-3 workouts a week - usually centered around Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Mistake #1.   However, I was making progress - it was great to feel that I had not lost all of my fitness while my exercise declined in the first 2 months when I did't do a whole lot of anything except walking the dog and baby presses / curls. 

By about a month before the race, I had done all the components, individually.  Plus - the race was out in Ocean Shores - so uber-flat.  All my training (except for the swimming!) had been done in hilly kitsap county.  So I felt good about being mostly ready for this event.  I knew it would be tough, but I had the confidence that I would be able to muscle through it.


Then, Logan got an ear infection.  I was able to run a time or two after that, but my evenings were pretty much shot - after taking care of a sick kid all day (or coming home and making dinner / dishes after Joe stayed home once), I just didn't feel like working out.  Even though there's that thing in me (and probably you!) that goes "Man, I don't want to go for that run / bike / swim - I'm so stinking tired" EVEN THOUGH I know how good I'll feel when I'm done.  I'm energized, I'm not sitting like a sloth on the couch every evening, my mind is sharper.  It's just a great feeling. 

There was that week..and then I got sick.  I probably had the flu - fever, cough, sinus pressure.  But, I was still going into work (sorry, everyone!  I didn't want to deal with the boss's response if I called in) and I was so completely wiped out in the evenings.  Rest was better for me.  And then I was still sick...for three weeks total.  I got zero workouts done in those two weeks.

Race weekend rolls around.  I headed out to Ocean Shores for my first night away from Logan.  I was impressively non-obsessive about every detail before I left.  I filled up Logan's bottles mostly, kissed him goodbye, gave a couple of tips for the evening / morning and took off.  I knew that it would go swimgingly for Joe.

The hotel was a little Quality Inn.  I must say - all the travel for work has spoiled me.  I'm used to air conditioning, quiet rooms....this was a nice enough place, but the walls were thin so kids (probably 20-somethings) in the room above me kept me up until about 11pm.  And then there were thunderstorms, which I've never been able to sleep through.  And then I woke up to pump...and then woke up again to get going for the race.  It was not a restful night.

I got all ready for the event - pumped one last time, had a good breakfast and was chilling with my friend Paula while we were waiting to start.  The swim started....and it was awful.  Truly awful.  I barely made it to .25 miles - and was super slow up until our turn around buoy - I was swimming with my goggles up, backstroke, whatever.  It was not good.  FInally at .5 miles, I settled down and cranked out the rest of the swim - but I was done by then.  I wasted a good 10 minutes in the water and was one of the last 3 out of the lake.  And I was hungry already.  Not a good sign. 

I ate and hopped on the bike.  Within 5 miles I knew that i finished the Oly distance, it wasn't going to be pretty.  So, about a half mile past the sprint bike turn around, I turned around...and finished the sprint distance.  Pretty disheartening - I had really wanted to make this my first Oly finish.  But it wasn't meant to be.  I finished strong - my times were decent.  But, it just didn't feel great.

So, I still have an elusive first Oly tri that I need to get done.  Probably not this year, though.  I have a 33 mile pie ride coming up on Bainbridge Island, a 10 mile run and then three (!!) half marathons this fall.  I think that's probably enough! 

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  1. Even though it may not have gone as well as you would have liked, you FINISHED! You definitely learned how you'll have to adjust your training for next time ;)