Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Months...

Six months ago, this tiny little human came into our lives.  At times, the days seemed to stretch for eternity and it was all I could do to get him to sleep for the night.  Now, the evenings during the week go too quickly and the weekends fly by even more.

Let's see - what's the little guy up to now?  Still working on sitting up by himself.  He can do it for several minutes and can even pull himself back to sitting with his tummy muscles when he topples over - if he feels like it.  He is usually super happy on his tummy - definitely knows how to move those arms around and scoot in circles on his belly.  When he is sitting propped  up, it doesn't phase him at all to topple forward and then proceed into a roll or two - especially on the nice soft couch.

He's almost too big and active for his swing.  When Joe was home with him on Thursday, he managed to short it out with all his kicking.  He still gets super happy when he goes in there and looks up at the mirror / birds with a smile.

He's been flexing his wrists a lot the last few days, so we're starting to wave to him to see if we can get "hi" and "bye" waves.

He loves watching us eat - I have to keep my food way away from him if he's on my lap and I"m eating as he's started reaching for my food.  Solids are definitely in his future shortly.

He's getting much better with putting himself to sleep.  It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but as long as he's calm, he's been tossing and turning for about 10 minutes and then winds up asleep - this is especially true in the middle of the night and for some naps. 

He loves watching the Olympics and I've caught him smiling at smiling people on commercials - definitely have been conscious of how much the TV is on around him and turn it off if he's too distracted.  I was playing movies of Logan on the computer for him to watch while he was on my lap.  The jumperoo movies are the best because sometimes he'll start bouncing on my lap when he sees himself on the screen (and hears the jumperoo soundtrack).

He can pull off a cloth that's over his face with ease - so peek-a-boo is a new favorite game.

He was sick again the last half of this past week - on the whole he did pretty well with it - but yesterday we could tell that he just didn't feel well.  I internet diagnosed him with rosareo - since a rash suddenly appeared once the fever dropped.  What did parents do before the intraweb?  It's a wonderful thing.

Logan and Sabot aren't quite the best of buds yet, but each one is interested in the other.  Sabot cares more about this little thing that has distracted us - and Logan likes watching him run around the house or yard. 

Stats for the month - 28 inches long and 18 pounds.  We'll get the official numbers from the pediatrician later this week for his 6 month appointment (more shots - yay!), so these are my very unscientific numbers.

This year is just going to fly by....before we know it, he'll have teeth and be walking.  He already enjoys standing quite a bit and can hold himself up (while balancing his arms on something) for a little while.

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