Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My 7 Month Old Munchkin

7 months has passed since Logan was born.  Time flies...mostly (it seems to crawl when he's in a funk)!

I was carrying him around the house on my hip Sunday - just chilling and talking about what we were seeing as we went by.  We went to our old favorite spot - the mirror.  And I was just overwhelmed with love when he slowly turned to look at our reflections.  He had this *look* on his face.  Indescribable...but I would say it was happiness, contentment and love.  Just awesome.

We've been saying he's teething for a while now, but I think we're edging towards the bottom two teeth any day now....

He's super mobile - not really "crawling" but he's an excellent roller and scooter.  I was making some baby food and put him on a blanket.  When I looked over the counter...I saw this scene.

He was pretty pleased with himself.  He saw those stools and, by golly, he was going to get there!  

He also likes to help me with his laundry....

Needless to say, he's super awesome about 95% of the time.  His laughs are incredible.  I know that all babies have amazing laughs, but it's super fun to get him in an awesome mood and hear those squeals.

He's really into reaching for Sabot and Yankee.  Sabot is pretty sweet and is starting to understand "Give Logan a kiss".   Logan was touching Sabot's paws this morning and he was pretty cool with it.  Yankee, on the other hand - she's still not totally sure, but is getting more and more friendly as the months tick by.  I don't doubt that they'll be curled up together one of these days.


  1. SEVEN months old already! Look at that happy, big boy. He's a cutie. Looks like all that good solid food is filling him out well. Can't wait to see him over Christmas!

  2. Omg bubba! That picture of his distance has me cracking up! Been there! There are days where they stay on the blanket, then ere are days where you've got to keep your eye on them like every split second. Penny is a grabber, the pets know to stay out of her reach ;)