Sunday, August 05, 2012

Nom nom nom.

We're slowly building up what Logan is trying for foodstuffs....sweet potatoes = awesome.  Carrots - not so awesome.  Avocado is somewhere in the middle....

However, it works really well as a facial mask - just ask Logan.

It was even hotter here today, so we ventured outside in the shade this afternoon.  After getting avocado on his Arrogant Bastard onesie, it seemed like a good chance for naked baby time....

He was super happy hanging out with me today..which was good because he was a pill most of the night last night and didn't nap all that well today.

We have BIG news from today - somebody started crawling!  I had definite forward movement toward a book when he thought I wasn't looking.  As soon as I pulled out the camera to try to get it on video, he somehow knew and stopped to turn and smile at me.  Stinker.

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  1. Sweet potatoes are the best! E doesn't like carrots either. So exciting that he's on the move! You'll be even more busy now chasing him around. :) Hope to see you guys soon.