Saturday, August 18, 2012


LIfe is all about perspective...what things look like from my point of view are completely different from another's point of view.  That's tough to remember sometimes....I know that when Joe got back from Iraq, people at the mill complaining about the lack of otter pops on 80-something degree days drove him nuts.  But, it's something I really struggle with at times.  Joe and I have made significant choices in our lives that a lot of other people can't fathom - we're thousands of miles away from our families, we've voluntarily done multiple months apart for work trips, we've involuntarily done about 14 months apart when he was in Iraq and we probably only spoke about once every 1.5 to 2 weeks. =When Joe was deployed, I tried to not complain about being apart (much) because I had it easy compared to spouses who were taking care of kids at home.  I really need to remind myself that when people at work complain about seeing grandkids only once a week..or other similar situations - that not everyone has the same perspective that Joe and I do...

I'm also super grateful for reality checks every now and then when I talk with friends at work....the daycare stuff I go through with Logan is easy compared to some of the struggles faced by friends when trying to get various daycares to work through procedural and (non-written in rule book) hurdles for a special needs kid.

Anyway, Joe's off having a good time tonight with a friend of ours (and her husband and family) celebrating her 50th birthday.  I'm hanging at home and will be out and about tomorrow riding around Bainbridge Island in Squeaky Wheels' Ride for Pie.  yum!  Lots of miles (32), lots of hills and good company with my friend Paula riding with me.

Logan and I had a great time hanging out today and I got a chance to play with my birthday present (to myself) - my new Canon S95.  Amazingly enough, the newer S100 got worse reviews than the slightly older S95.  I really want a DSLR one of these days, but this point and shoot is awesome for now and for what i'm using it for.  It's lightyears better than the Samsung we've had for the last year or so (I dropped our previous samsung last summer while taking my preggo pics out on the porch).

Who's that cute kid in the mirror.

I amuse myself!

I finally figured out how to get some baking done with Logan during the day.  I did a trial run while making dinner earlier this week with Logan on a blanket in the kitchen.  He totally kept himself occupied with some toys and rolling around.  Same thing worked spectacularly today too!  Hooray!  I saw this super easy recipe earlier in the week using Biscoff Spread and knew i had to give it a try.

Happy Logan in his jumperoo!

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  1. I totally agree about perspective...I too try not to complain about our LAT situation because 1) he is not deployed, like many husbands are 2) he has great job security by working at Paccar 3) I have support at home when I need it.

    Missed you yesterday, but I bet the full da of uninterrupted Logan time was great!