Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pig Roast

Today is our 3rd annual pig roast.  The guests change a little bit every year, but we have a number of friends who have been able to make all 3.  We never invite everyone we wish we could, just because of the size of pig that can fit in our roaster box....

The first year was our housewarming.  The patio had barely cured, we had no landscaping and we were still pretty new in the house.  I made all the food and we borrowed the roaster box from one of my good friends.  It was exhausting, but wonderful.  So many kids were at the party - it was a little overwhelming!  Most of the recipes came from Fiesta at Rick's and turned out stellar.  There were a few wrinkles along the way (putting the pig in the box upside down...which resulted in charred pig skin), but it was so awesome that we decided right when we were done that we were absolutely buying a roaster box.

Last year...was mostly people from Joe's project that he was on at the time and then a few of our close friends.  We had a lawn, plants made it in all around the house....we had definitely settled in.  We enlisted help from Joe's boss (and our good friend) and the pig turned out amazing.  We changed up the brine, cooked it correctly....YUM!  We did potluck last year...and I was so much happier with that.  Way less stress...which is super important for a pregnant lady!

This year...having Logan added another dimension of complication.  We'll see how it works out, but we were able to get everything set up, cleaned and laid out with time to spare.  He has a pretty firm bedtime (since he turns into a pumpkin if we don't put him down around the same time each night)...and we have LOTS of other babies coming, so I doubt we'll get all wild and crazy. back from the pig roast.  Due to amazing was a huge success.  I was able to plop logan with a few other kiddos for a little bit here and there so I could put dishes out, help carve the pig, etc.  Thank goodness for other parents!

Logan had a great time visiting with new (and old) friends....hopefully we have more of these get togethers in the future.

Mr. Logan and Mr. Sabot...Just about 7 months and 10 years & a day old.

Overseeing the roasting of the pig!

The Kiddo Area...Keifer, Emmett and Logan.  


  1. So cute! Love the designated play area ;)

  2. It was great! We had a really nice time. Thanks again for having us over.