Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things to Remember...

Just a few things I want to remember from this week...

- Logan laying on top of the stuffed hippo at daycare one day and riding the stuffed elephant the next.  Joe is in charge of taking him out of the carseat while i fill out the forms and it's always a treat to see how Joe put him.  Logan was loving riding the elephant.  Huge smiles and laughs from all the adults in the room.
- We got four (!!) solid nights of sleep from the kid.  We've noticed that he sleeps better when he is sleeping on his tummy so we're trying to prop him in a position so that he'll end up on his tummy.  Cheating...maybe.  But absolutely wonderful for everyone.  He has much better evenings with all that night sleep even if he doesn't nap well at daycare.
- We're slowly building his food repertoire. Banana, peas, pears, avocado, sweet potato, carrots and a couple of blends that include apples and apricots. The only food I've mad so far is carrots...I really had intended on making more of his food but when we get half used packets of food from daycare that I can't take back the next day (or leave there)....I want to use those up first.  We also don't always give him solids at night depending on his last bottle and how we want to feed him that night before bed.
- Baths are way more fun now.  Lots of sitting up and splashing.  We have these Boon toys that he just loves.
- Suddenly this week, he's sitting up like a champ.  Yeah, there's tipping over here and there...but much less of it.
- He's super happy this week.  It's been awesome.
- He's finally stable enough for the shopping cart kid seat.  He was nervous about it at first (literally shaking a little bit as we were walking through costco), but warmed up to it halfway through that trip and was looking at EVERYTHING today.  He loved it (I think).

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  1. How big he looks sitting up so casually! I love the photo. There he is, yakking away!