Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Running Related Thingies...

Inspired to post by Another Mother Runner....

1. Best Run Ever:  has to be a twilight run that I did with Paula a few weeks ago along the water near her house.  It was a glorious evening...only about 4 miles, but the wea:ther was perfect, Mount Rainier was out and it just felt like smooth sailing.

2. Three words that describe my running:  Recharge.  Focused.  Personal.

3. My go-to running outfit is:  nike running shorts, lucy tank tops and a hat or headband.  Because, really, I hate my hair getting in my face when I work out.

4. Quirky habit when running: pulling water from the right side of my fuel belt...and, fast forwarding through a slew of songs to get to the perfect mid-workout one.  Usually some random 1980s music with a good beat.

5.  Morning, midday, evening.  If I have a choice - morning.  I only do afternoon / evening runs if it's a weekday and I have no other option.

6.  I won't run outside when it's:  extremely hot.  Which, in the Pacific Northwest, is when it's in the 90s.  I'm not fond of ice either....

7. Worst injury....and how I got over it.  Hmmm...running injuries?  My knee was all tweaky when I started ramping up for my first half-marathon in November 2010.  And then I saw Dr. Graeme Smith, got introduced to A.R.T. and haven't looked back.  Each appointment is both excruciating and awesome.  In the painful "this hurts to make me feel good" way.

8.  I felt most like a badass mother runner when:  well, since I'm only 7.5 months into being a badass mother runner...I'm going with doing a half marathon about 15 weeks pregnant and a 10-miler about 18 weeks pregnant...

9.  Next Race is:  Race for a Soldier half-marathon.  This weekend!

10.  Potential Running Goal in 2013:  eh, no running goals.  Triathlon wise, it's to finish an Olympic Distance and then January of 2014 will be the Walt Disney World Marathon.  What what?!

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