Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New perspective...

SO, there we were (no kidding),  it was a little bit before L's normal bedtime routine started and I had just cleaned up a massive diaper.  I needed my hands free to clean everything up so I threw him in the crib while I ran out of the room to finish things up...when I left, I mentioned something to him about being standing when I got back....

He was quite pleased with himself....

Today I'm off to Everett for 2 days (one night).  I've been going back and forth about staying up there the night for a good week - if I did the commute, I'd only get to spend about 45 minutes with Logan in the evenings and not at all in the AM due to the start time for the meetings.  I've been weighing that 45 minutes (plus the commute) with a night completely free and on my own.  Oh, the possibilities!  I chose the night up there....the sleep will be (hopefully) glorious...and Joe has things under control here.

The logistics of pumping in day long meetings are a little challenging, but I think I have a decent plan.
At least - I thought I did until Logan woke up 5 minutes ago - 45 minutes earlier than he's "supposed to"...I hope he goes back to sleep!


  1. What a sweet expression on his face! He does look rather pleased with himself. What a big boy! Does the mattress go any lower?

    1. Nope - mattress is as low as it goes! He better not get too tall too quickly!