Saturday, September 29, 2012

Running a 5k...with Logan!

Logan and I did our first running event together today - as mentioned previously, it was the PSNS&IMF CFC 5k fun run.  Perfect running day - slightly cool, no breeze and rain about 10 miles away (which was perfect because I did NOT want to break out the rain cover on the BOB).  We ran a little late getting to the event, so I ended up way in the back with all the walkers...took a while after the start to maneuver around all of them and make my way up to the runners.  I took immense joy in some of the comments I received as I ran by people with a stroller.  It was a hilly course, but there were some nice downhills as well.  Unfortunately, because I didn't want to fly down them pushing the stroller, we ended up not going super fast down the hills...bummer.  I totally could have made up time if I just ran as fast as the stroller wanted to go.

We ended up doing right around 31 minutes...a time I am completely happy with!

I think Logan had a good time.  I bundled him up nicely and he even managed to not throw the cap off his head during the run - BONUS!  He was looking around and bouncing his legs...awesome.  He had on his super cute chuck taylors...but, in hindsight, I probably should have put socks on his cute little feet too...they were a little chilly when we got home.

When we got home, he was due for a feeding...and I was due in on a telcon for work.  Awesome - I never thought I'd end up on a telcon while nursing a baby....but - it worked out.

Ok - so there are two things that annoy me to no end.  1) Doing multiple days of tupperware lunch containers on a single day because SOMEBODY (coughJoecough) forgets them at work.  When that happens, I usually say "screw it - you do them" - but today I was nice...and wanted to get the dishes done.  2) People not showing up anywhere close to on time (or at all) to something they commit to doing or somewhere they commit to being.  Especially when no phone call, text or email is involved.  Ugh.  Now that we have Logan, I"m super sensitive to that - and I get extremely annoyed when it happens because it impacts at least one of us and the kid.  But, typically, all three of us...I'm good with being about 5 -10 minutes late from other people (but it annoys the hell out of me when we're that late and I usually give a quick call if I know I'm running even that late), but seriously - 20 minutes, 1 hour or more?  Ugh....

Well, on that note - I'm at home waiting for Joe to get back because someone (who was at the 5k, mind you) decided to not go to an event they committed to being at - so Joe is stuck there.  Grocery shopping later today and then...relax!

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