Sunday, September 09, 2012

Thinking of Traditions

Since Costco has the Christmas stuff out (and they have for a few weeks now), the winter holidays must be upon us.

Joe and I really don't have any hardcore traditions yet for the holidays - other than usually being somewhere other than home.

It's time we start our own traditions and routines.  I don't want Logan to know Christmas is when we visit our folks and only spend 1 out of every three years at home...and we never have a tree up.

So, we made the decision that we're going to a 4 year holiday rotation for now...and we might drop the travel altogether in the future.  Not planning on it now, but who knows.  We'll be at Joe's folks this year, but then want to do every other Christmas at home.  I think we'll be traveling back east more at other times of year (because, really - winter in the NE or Chicago?!  Brrr....), so it's not like we won't be back to see our folks...but we really want to have some "home" traditions.

Ah...all we need is a little snow, a fire in the fireplace and I think it's about time to break out the hot buttered rum mix!


  1. I really like that idea. We were looking forward to having some holidays at our place in e Shoug because it was really well set up for entertaining.. But it was always hard to convince family to come down that far too, even after the house was 80% put back together and ok to entertain in. **maybe** we'll have the opportunity to do Easter... ;)

  2. Yeah, it's probably hard in a different way with family relatively close!

  3. I think it's very important to have family traditions at home. One of the most wonderful memories were spending Christmas eve putting toys together and wrapping gifts...very, very, quietly and then seeing your reaction in the morning. Going to church and seeing it filled with lighted Christmas trees and the manger and singing carols. Oh, and decorating the tree whilst listening to carols and Handel's "Messiah".

  4. I agree. We spent every Christmas home and always had a live tree we cut ourselves from the tree farm. Glad to have you visit once every 4th Christmas but the summer visits will be even better with having the pool! Sounds like a good plan.