Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Week

Things to remember....

Logan has started putting the balls of a toy into the toy...he's slow and doesn't quite get it all the time, but he's figuring out how to put them through the hoop of the toy.

He's everywhere now.  Even if I walk away into the office for a minute, he's starting to make his way towards me.

We've finally seen him get back up to sitting from laying down.  At least twice today, in fact.

He's super excited (like squirming in my arms) watching Sabot act like a dork when we get home from work.  In fact, Sabot was barking and jumping all over the place while were walking earlier this week and Logan was just laughing and kicking away with happiness in his stroller.

We've had "mama" for a while now..but we had lots of "dada" yesterday while Logan was sitting with Joe.  Awesome.

He's right around 30 inches it was time to put him into the bigger car seat finally!

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