Saturday, September 08, 2012

What a week!

Well, we just wrapped up a week with my mom here and it was awesome!  Logan had so much fun with all the grandma time and I loved the chance to hang out with the kiddo for an extended period of time.  It was also awesome because I was able to have another set of hands to help out with all the kiddo care stuff around mealtimes, etc.  Joe helps, but, there are certain times when he's a little resistant to helping - namely, Yankees games and Giants games.  Sigh.  So, my mom rocks.

I don't think I fed Logan a single solid food meal while she was here...and Logan tried all sorts of new things this week - but his most favorite - BEETS!  Slayed them.  Each and every time.

Other awesome things - two bottom teeth!  They were at the gum surface on Monday and by Wednesday, they were peeking above the gum.  Still not totally visible or "in" but they're definitely getting up there.  So completely awesome.  
Another cool things L has started doing - clapping hands of someone else.  If you put your hands inside his, he loves clapping your hands together!
We did all sorts of fun things this week - especially heading back to the Point Defiance Zoo!  The puffins were still a huge hit and there was one of them coming right up to L's feet on the other side of the glass.  Super fun.  He also was noticing the meerkats as they were darting around their habitat.  The kiddo rocked the trip - he was chilling in his stroller or in our arms.  And the friends we went with are pros at this zoo - so it was fun to just wander to all their favorite places.

On Thursday, I met up with Joe and we had a lunch date in mom was supposed to join us, but she had a variety of bugs this week.  Logan was, as usual, pretty awesome at the restaurant.  However, he helped himself to a waffle fry off Joe's plate when the food arrived.  We were both a little stunned and let him gnaw for a few seconds, to see what he would do, before finally taking it away...

My mom is an insanely talented knitter and crocheter (is that even a word?!).  She made this amazing Yoda hat for Logan when she was here after he was a newborn and we test fit it one more time.  L hasn't been too keen on hats lately (seriously - the bucket caps are removed within a minute of being on his head), so the hat was coming off almost before it was on.  But - Halloween costume is almost all ready!  

Finally, for my birthday present, my mom watched Logan so Joe and I could FINALLY go on a date.  We went to a new-ish place on Bainbridge Island - Restaurant Marche.  It was good - but we wouldn't go back.  Joe had the "Moules et Frites" - and we both agreed that we'd much rather get the pitcher of mussels from Fish Brewpub in Olympia.  
Impressively - we managed to spend the entire time NOT talking about Logan.  Aaahhh...but, we did talk about work.  Total downside to working at the same place, but it's definitely not a bad thing.

Now my mom has gone back home and we're settling back into our routine.  The weather this whole week was simply wonderful...but am I horrible for looking forward to the fall weather and the return of the rain?  Because, we all know that means skiing is just around the corner!

On the plate for tomorrow is an 11 mile run with Paula...yikes!  First half-marathon of the season is in 2 weeks and it almost feels like I'm ramping up properly...something must be wrong with this picture!

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