Sunday, October 07, 2012

Cannon Beach

We did a quick weekend trip to Cannon Beach.  We're still here, actually, but the kiddo is napping...Joe is napping...and I'm enjoying the quiet.  We're probably about beached out for the day - tons of outside time...maybe a quick trip on the way back to the hotel after dinner tonight.

We love these living social sort of deals - this is the second one we've jumped on  with the kiddo (the first was our trip to Long Beach in June).  This one is at a small suite hotel and included breakfast and a bottle of wine.  The suite is totally the way to go...I can see how we're going to search them out in the future when we take vacations.

The drive down here from Poulsbo took about 5 hours including a lunch stop and a nursing break. He did pretty well - but definitely was needing the two breaks. We checked into our cute hotel, relaxed here for a bit to let Logan play and stretch his legs...and then we were out and about. Joe, as always, took some great photos!

On Sunday, we headed out to explore the state parks and beaches near Cannon Beach.  We stopped at the highly recommended Oswald West State Park.  Our friend (and insanely amazing massage therapist) strongly recommended this beach.  It was a hike in, less than a mile, through some spectacular old growth and second growth trees.  Plus - we even got to walk across a rickety cable bridge thing across a small stream.  But - this beach was great.  It was packed with surfers, dogs and families of all sorts.  We walked around a bit and then just set up shop.  I don't think either Joe or I expected Logan to have that much fun - but almost immediately after putting him down onto the  picnic blanket - he found that sand and LOVED it.  He was making belly-down snow angels with his arms.  It was super fun to watch.  He also started inchworming (or, as we called it, acting like a stranded whale) across the sand as he was crawling along.  It was so cool to watch him just enjoy everything and soak it all in.  There were lots of doggies to watch...and just so much to see!

After Oswald, we headed down to Manzanita Beach to grab some lunch at a recommended burrito shack (Left Coast).  Pretty good...but I was really (!!) hoping for some horchata...and they didn't have any.  It was getting close to Logan turning into a pumpkin again (aka time for him to nurse), so we headed back to Cannon Beach.  After nursing and attempting to get him to nap (no dice on the nap front), we made our way to Haystack Rock. 
So, if we thought Logan got sandy at Oswald - that was nothing compared to Cannon Beach.  It was probably because the sand was wet, but it went everywhere - mouth, face, eyes, you name it.  Ugh.  He was having a ball.  Lots more doggies to see...but we ended up putting him in a new outfit before we left the beach just because he was so sandy.

The second picture is an instant before a handful of sand goes into the mouth...
I was able to get him down for a short nap this afternoon, but he was a total crankypants upon waking.  It didn't get any better when Joe tried to give him his food (just a puree pouch) and when Joe took the pouch away, pure screaming ensued.  It didn't improve any more when the kid just fell backwards onto the carpet (just from sitting).  Poor guy.  We went out for dinner and L was in the BOB.  Sure enough - sometimes all it takes is a trip outside and he's all better.  We did a quick take-out pizza place...I've been giving Logan pieces of food here and there when we're out - and I had a stray olive tonight.  I expected it to come right out of his mouth (like the grapes yesterday did)...but - it was GONE!  Devoured.  So crazy...
We're just hanging out tonight watching the Yankee game and enjoying some beer / wine.  We hole ourselves up in the bedroom part of the suite and Logan gets the whole living room for himself.  It works out pretty well!

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