Friday, October 05, 2012

Oh Glorious Weekend!

Last weekend was awesome - in addition to the 5k run the kiddo and I did together, the family had dinner plans with friends and their super cute kiddo!  We've been getting together every few months, I think, since the kiddos were born and it's been super fun to watch how they've both grown and continue to change.  Big E is a few months older than Logan and watching him walk between his proud mama and dad was awesome.

These guys will be really playing together in no time.  Mr. Logan was a little shy guy to start the evening....but quickly showed off his chatterbox skills.  And Emmett was just all over the place - when he broke out his bike - holy smokes!  What happiness on getting around!

Other fun stuff from the week....we've seen small glimpses of real, no kidding crawling this week and finally today - there it was - for both Joe and I.  It was pretty awesome.  And, he's pulling himself to standing on our coffee table.  On. His. Own.  Holy crap.    Logan also tried crawling over Yankee like he does our legs...that didn't go well - for the cat.  It was too fast for us to do anything.

Ok - random loves right now.  First - George Takei's facebook page.  It's a mix of geekiness, fun stuff and awesome photos.  What I love is that his comments, when said in the Sulu voice - I can totally hear them.

My other love is the Honest Toddler blog and facebook page.  The FB status updates are fantastic and the blog...well, let's just say that this week I've been laughing out loud while pumping at work because of reading this.  That never happens.

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  1. So cute! I love the photos of them. It was so fun to see you guys. :)