Friday, October 12, 2012

Staying Organized with Meals….

Since heading back to work and having the cutest baby in the world, my time at home in the evenings has gotten all the more valuable.  No more last minute runs to the grocery store to pick up missing ingredients, no more spending 30 minutes trying to figure out what I meant to make with all the ingredients I bought over the weekend.  I need to know what the plan is and how to start jumping on it when I get home.  And, I like to quickly figure out what I want to make prior to grocery shopping – I don’t mind pawing through all my cookbooks and magazines…but I have a trick up my sleeve to make everything all the more efficient.

Enter these three tools:

Eat Your Books membership.  If you’ve ever been to my house, you know I have a tons of books and magazines.  I also read a lot of food blogs.  This website has people index recipes from all kinds of books, magazines and blogs.  All I have to do it select which ones I have (moving them to my bookshelf) and then  search by ingredient, course, etc.  Awesome.  It doesn’t list the recipe, but it sends me to my cookbooks so I can easily do more research.

items from Knock Knock:
The “All Out Of” pad and the “Meals this Week” pad.  Indispensable!  These have been life savers for  me.  I don’t follow the meal plan (i.e., which meals on which day) to the letter, but just having everything planned out in front of me and seeing what my options are has been awesome.  I sit down each week on Friday night or Saturday morning, and go through my recipes to see what I want to make.  

This doesn't make every night go perfectly, but at least I can be less stressed about what we're eating for dinner when we get home.  Plus, I'm not rummaging around the cupboard for ingredients for something I want to make - meaning that i get MORE time with the super adorable kiddo.

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  1. Yay! I love planning meals and can't imagine having to decide what to have for dinner every day. Years ago I used to plan for a month and have gone back to that (from 2-week planning) to make sure things are used up, both in the pantry and freezer. I saw your planning pads. They are very cute! I just use a shopping list notepad and notebook paper for the menu. I'd intrigued by Eat Your Books, though. I don't know that I have enough books and magazines, though. You do have a lot of them. What fun to peruse!