Saturday, October 13, 2012

To the Pumpkin Patch!

We decided that today was punkin patch day for the McGrath clan.  We have a nice little farm about 4 miles down the street, so we made a break for it when the weather was clear.  This is an awesome working farm - they do a CSA, have chickens / eggs, a corn maze and a nice punkin patch.  We walked around - Joe had the kiddo up on his shoulders and they were spying the two perfect pumpkins for us to take home.  After we had that fun, we went over to the big pumpkin for some posing...

And then to the little sugar pie pumpkins to pick out a Logan sized one...oh the choices were many, but he found one that was perfect!

Who can resist sunflowers?!

Fall is finally upon us in the Northwest.  I'm relieved.  We desperately need rain we just need this burn ban to get lifted so we can use the firepit!


  1. Lucky! Our farm didn't have a giant pumpkin! I was pretty disappointed.

  2. What fun you had! Great pictures as always. How big L looks standing there like a big boy!