Saturday, October 27, 2012


Logan is 9 months old today.  It seems like time has just flown by.  We did our 9 month pediatrician appointment yesterday, so we have "official" state:  29.75" tall (90th percentile), 21 pounds, 1 ounce (50th), 46 cm head circumference (75th). 

We did the flu shot (don't get me started - I've only ever gotten one because of the guesswork that goes into which strain will be prevalent this year - but the pediatrician was super strongly recommending it.  ugh) and he had a small blood draw to check with anemia (I've been bad with the iron supplements via vitamin - he hates them and very little ever went down.  The cereal has a good chunk of iron, but I need to hit the vitamins again).  He was a trooper though both things.  The flu shot was super speedy - the nurse rocked and it was done before he could even notice. The blood draw was from his toe - he wasn't thrilled at first, but we distracted him well enough that he just got some wide eyes going. 

Let's see - what's he up to right now...banging blocks together, crawling everywhere possible, thoroughly enjoying trying to get to Sabot when they're both in playful moods, chasing the cat around the house, following Joe and I around, laughing, smiling, chinups, babbling a ton, understanding really basic baby signs ("milk" gets him super excited), opening doors (and sometimes closing them).

He's really enjoying the whole eating thing.  We still do purees as the primary solid at home - but I always have some finger food for him as well.  Just at home this week he tried toast spread with an avocado / cream cheese mixture (next week I'll add some egg yolks to the mix), salmon, quinoa, parmesan cheese (the good stuff! not the green can stuff), rotisserie chicken, chicken italian sausage, bell peppers,  kubocha squash, cottage cheese.  He will eat just about anything!  The folks at daycare are super impressed with his love of veggies.  And the fact that he doesn't throw his plate (yet...I'm sure that's coming).

Sabot has discovered just how fun it is to stalk Logan at mealtime.  If you thought he was a beggar's really crazy now.  We knew this was coming...

It was almost impossible to get decent photos...he's squirming and crawling all over.  Added bonus - when I sit down in front of him with the camera, he starts reaching for it (and me).  I guess this is a sign of things to come!

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  1. 9 months old! The pictures are wonderful! What a variety of foods he's eating, good for you (and him)!