Friday, November 16, 2012


It's Friday night again.  This week went wonderfully quickly.

Joe and I actually (!!) have another date this weekend - our wonderful neighbor is watching Logan for a few hours tomorrow night.  I'd say it's a date night - but dinner is at 4:30 pm and we're going to try to be back close to L's bedtime just so that we can put him down.  We will be heading to the Melting Pot in Tacoma.  Fondue is stupidly easy to do at home and I always wonder why we go to the Melting Pot and spend all the money...but, it's a great chance to catch up with friends who we see far too infrequently.

This was a rough week on the Sabot front.  We came home on Wednesday and he was acting weird the entire walk - peeing nearly continuously for the duration of our .8 miles.  And not normal "hey, I'm a dog and am marking this spot with a tiny bit of pee" - but really peeing.  gross...sorry!  When we got home and I settled down for a few minutes of playing with L before dinner - there were a couple of major wet spots on the carpet and upon further investigation, our bed had a large wet spot on it.  shoot.  He never does this and he tries so hard.  We figure that the cancer is growing tumors in or near his bladder and might be affecting his urinary tract or something.  Thursday night was better (he started to pee in the house after a quick walk, but I quickly got him outside) and then tonight was back to normal.

We love this dog so much...and it just breaks our hearts to know that our time with him is getting shorter..

To add to the stress - Logan was a complete Mr. Cranky Pants on tuesday night - honestly - he cried for an hour before we finally just said screw it and put him to bed super early.  Apparently he was tired since he slept all the way to 6am.

All the other nights, he was a bundle of fun.  Playing, laughing, scooting backwards in a hand-me-down toy from a friend of ours.  So much fun.

I decided that after Sabot's rough day on Wednesday, I needed more Logan and Sabot pictures.  

Then the little guy wanted to go visit Yankee!

Loving the lady bug scooting toy.

I think this one speaks for itself....

Watching for Sabot to come back to the door.

Here's to a relaxing weekend for everyone.


  1. Penny's favorite thing to do is sit on Aam's shoulders and yank his hair...she thoroughly enjoys it ;)

    Thinking good thoughts for Sabotboy.

  2. How big Logan looks in his big boy clothes!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Sabot. Our pets ask so little of us (milk from our cereal, a good walk, an occasional dropped tidbit at the dinner table) and give us so much in return.

  3. Thinking of you guys and Sabot. I bet Logan loves that little scoot toy. He'll be chasing Yankee and Sabot all over in no time. Enjoy your weekend, friend!