Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

When we last left this blog, we had just gone through a rough patch with Sabot...on that front - it seems that he's doing about as well as ever.  No more accidents in the house at this point.  Joe's taking him to the vet tonight for an annual check up and rabies vaccine.  I'm sure that he'll get violated during the visit and they'll tell us how his insides seem (at least what can be easily accessed...if you know what I mean).

Joe and I had a lovely date with friends at the Melting Pot.  I'm kind of done with the Melting Pot at this point - I think I say that each time we visit but then there's a groupon or something and we head back.  We can do fondue at home so easily....but it's a nice chance to get out and visit with wonderful friends.

Logan was AWESOME with our neighbors.  Seriously wonderful.  He was laughing, chatting and just being himself.  He also got an impromptu bath...and then managed to pee all over our one neighbor.  We got home just after he was down for sleep, so that made it extra easy for me to get him back to sleep once we came back across the road.

Joe did the Poulsbo beer run last Sunday.  4 miles, 4 beers.  One day completely lost in the weekend.  Oh well.  Here's the before picture...and I didn't even bother with the after picture!  It was pouring super hard here last weekend.  I had wanted to get a long run in, but my motivation was completely lacking in between the downpours.

Our week was, on the whole, uneventful.  Joe and I finally met with a guy here in town about college planning for Logan and our financial adviser at First Command to get things rolling with an increased IRA contribution, etc.  I didn't feel like cooking, at all, so we grabbed costco pizza on the way home.  I let Logan try some - he SLAYED it.  As in, shoving it into his mouth and it was devoured.  So stinking funny.  Just wait till he tried some of the best pizza in the world - Chicago style deep dish!  Then he'll see what pizza is all about! On the whole this week, the purees have been totally gone from his diet.  It figures since I had just stocked up a great deal...

The highlight of the week was, by far, Thanksgiving.  I was excited to see what Logan was willing to try.  We were invited over to our neighbors and we thought this would be the most low key holiday.  It was a good call - we could walk back over here to get things, feed the dog, etc.  And when it was time to go, I was able to finish up dessert and come back over with the kiddo while Joe had dessert and socialized a bit more.

Logan ate every single thing put in front of him.  Turkey?  Oh yeah!  Stuffing - yep!  Potatoes (with garlic) - loved them!  Sweet potatoes - absolutely!

On top of that - we skyped with my folks for the first time.  Logan was crawling all over the house and I was chasing after him with the laptop so they could watch.  It was fun.  Can't wait till he's old enough to listen to stories over the network.

I had to work yesterday and then this morning, so there was no black friday for me.  it's just that time on the project where everything is coming to closure.  Once I come back from Christmas break, there's a bit of a reprieve, but I expect to be working for most weekend in late January and early February.

Well, we hope that everyone else had a marvelous weekend.  I have my third and last half marathon for the year tomorrow.

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