Monday, December 31, 2012

First Christmas

How to summarize Logan's first Christmas?  A whirlwind!  We spent what felt like a very quick week in New Jersey with Joe's folks.  The flights went well, for the most part, but I might do a separate post on that.

Logan started and ended the week with some East Coast style pizza.  The verdict?  You judge for yourself...

Christmas didn't make much sense to Logan this year, which we totally expected.  The biggest hits was the box that his rain boots came in and old toys that the in-laws had around the house.  But, he didn't freak out when "Santa" came on Christmas eve, which was awesome.

Christmas morning was a whirlwind....

The tree situation was a little dicey.  He was drawn to the breakable ornaments on the bottom, of course.  I have high hopes for next year seeing that his cousin Brooke basically ignored the tree - and she's a little over a year older than him.

Logan had lots of good time with Grammy and Grampy...Grampy's glasses became a huge source of amusement...

He looks like the oldest baby ever!

We did a couple of family photos to get all the McGraths in the picture.  Needless to say, the outtakes are almost better than the "good photos"!  

Joe and I took advantage of the decent (but cold) weather and got out of the house for a short hike on Christmas afternoon.  It was a great day to be out and walking around...a Nor'easter came in the next day which brought snow and freezing rain and kept us in the house for the rest of the time.

Until next Christmas!

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