Friday, December 14, 2012


The shooting today in Connecticut was heartbreaking for me...I'm sure it was the same for so many other parents across the US.  To think that someone was that messed up that they would go after innocent children, CHILDREN, in such a way is devastating to me.

The short time that Logan has been in our lives has just made me a fundamentally different person.  I look at life differently now and all I want to do is to keep this little tiny human being safe from everything that might really hurt him.  My heart aches to think of what those parents are going through.  I cannot fathom that loss.  I cannot understand what would make a person attack innocent children in such a way - somewhere that they're supposed to be safe.

I had a hard time reading President Obama's words today...and my heart is heavy with grief for parents I don't know...

I gave the Mister an extra long hug today.  And. we saw him wave "bye bye" for the first time.  Smiles buried in a day of sadness.

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