Sunday, December 09, 2012

It's that time...

Christmas parties, Santa photos.  Lots and lots of holiday fun!

But first, let's start with a "ruh-roh" and a realization that Logan's middle name is going to be perpetually misspelled.  I was searching Etsy for a great first Christmas ornament. The tradition in the Asher house was that each year, I got a new ornament with my name on it and the year.  Seeing as how "Jenna" did not rise in popularity until I was in my late teens, that meant that ornaments all had to be custom made.  I recall lots of solid metal ones, painted unicorns and then eventually, the name dropped off but I still got on ornament with the year (Star Trek ones usually - they made the tree awesomely geeky).

So, I decided to start the same tradition with Logan.  And EVERY baby needs a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament!

Hmmm...see anything wrong?  I even double checked my order form to make sure that I typed it in correctly.  Sure enough, I did. The artist was, obviously, apologetic and  I'm getting a new disc mailed with the correct spelling.

We went to the annual Emory Christmas party yesterday.  Luckily, Dave and Bernadet are good enough friends that they were cool with us coming over a little early.  Logan was certainly in the partying mood.

We finally got to spend a little time with Penny.  Her mama and I have been emailing pretty regularly during our pregnancies and this first year to compare notes.  Logan and Miss P are about 5 weeks apart, I think.  You can tell that Logan is on the tall end of the spectrum while Penny is quite petite already.  But, it's still a fun comparison!

Logan got to play with some cool new toys.  The Cozy Coupe was a hit - just wait till he's in the big kid classroom at day care and finds out that he can play with one almost every day.

Logan also got some awesome snuggles in with everyone.  Here is his godfather sharing some kisses.

Our mister was awesome at the party.  We had such a nice time and he's just all smiles at these sorts of things.  He was meeting all kinds of new people and was a riot.  

Today, we decided that the kids needed to get their photo taken with Santa.  Sabot isn't doing so well at all, so we figured that we needed to do it this year...Needless to say, I'm thrilled with how this came out.

For what's left of the weekend, Joe's working on putting the carpet in the garage / workout room.  Woo hoo!  I'm so excited to get on that treadmill.  The half marathon training doesn't take care of itself!

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  1. Love that ornament! Idk why but I was always under the impression that the ornament per year was something that only my mom did, lol! Me and every other kid, right? ;) it's fun getting to pick and choose our favorite traditions, and make new ones.