Monday, December 31, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane...

When we decided to take Logan to Jersey for Christmas, we didn't mess around with what his first flight would be!  No short hop down to Disneyland or San Diego (sigh, my home away from home)...nope - a 5+ hour flight.  At least we got non-stop and I was fortunate to be able to pick out decent seats due to my mileage status with Alaska Airlines (that will go away at the end of this year..and I'll be (gasp) normal again!).

The way out was pretty easy.  Seatac is just such an awesome airport - they have a kids play area where we hung out for a bit prior to leaving - Logan was able to be out of his stroller and let his legs stretch.

We tried two different ways of sitting with Logan in our laps - the first we were across the aisle from each other on the way out there.  This worked out well because Joe and I were able to truly get breaks with the baby care.  But, nursing or napping was hard because parts of him would stick into the aisle, get bumped and then distract him or wake him up.  He did well for most of the first flight - we spent a ton of time walking around with him.

The second flight...he was overtired (a party that we left 2 hrs past his bedtime and then an extra early wake up), so the middle was a little rough.  It took a while to get him to settle down on our laps (we were next to each other for this flight) and then he only slept about 40 min.  But, takeoff and landing were a non-issue.

Joe decided to walk Logan through the emergency procedures.  

I'm sure it'll get easier as we travel more with him.  As he gets older, he'll be distracted by movies and all that good stuff.  

What made the flight home awesome was our flight attendant - Jenn.  She was amazing with Logan and very reassuring to us as well.  She even bought Joe a beer.  :-)

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