Monday, December 31, 2012


That's right - 11 whole months.  Insane.  This month really flew by with the holidays and all the random stuff we seem to do in December.

This month Logan:  stood on his own, waved bye-bye to his favorite teacher at daycare (we have yet to get him to wave at us) and took his first steps.  The steps and standing were a day apart.  Patty-cake still puts a smile on his face and now when I rock my legs like a horse (causing him to roll all over the place), he lets me know he wants more by bouncing up and down.  He loves "this little piggy" and has been eating just about everything we put in front of him.  Purees are now WAY secondary to real food.   He went on  his first plane ride - which went ok. And we had our first big trip with lots of time zone changes - sleeping never really was normal on that entire trip.  Logan now has 3 upper teeth making their way in (they cut through, but are slowing showing).

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