Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sabot....our boy

We had to make one of the hardest decisions of our lives today.  We got back home from Jersey and picked Sabot up from being boarded.  And we could tell he wasn't the same boy.  As the day went on, it seemed like the situation got worse.  So, we decided to put Sabot to sleep to stop any further suffering.  We had two extra years with him that we might not have had if we hadn't had surgery done to remove cancer in Nov 2010.  And we truly had a wonderful life with the dog.

If you haven't known the love of a dog...there's nothing like it at all.  He loved us no matter what.  The tail always wagged, the "smile" was always there.  He's amazing.

Random memories:
gumming up Yankee's head when she was a kitten
freezing kong's full of yogurt (I really can't remember why we started doing that - I think it was to distract him for a while when we first left the house)
snuggling with Joe when I was on travel
remembering Joe after being in Iraq
Hair in everything (this one will be a lasting legacy, I'm sure)
Jumping for apples in Shelton
Walking after work
Eating *anything* (and there were some really, really gross things)
Cuddling up in my lap like he was a puppy when I visited him in the middle of a 3 month TDY trip
His velvet ears
His kisses (and he knew "can i have a kiss?")
being a bed hog
hating his crate
eating drywall, concrete, pants, tevas, cd's
eating pizza from the counter
eating pizza and beer from the couch
when toys would get stuck up in trees, he'd go crazy until we got them down
"go to mommy" and "go to daddy"
fetching rocks when walking in shelton
his "girlfriend" abby
his absolute favorite toy - the red squeaky fish
eating blackberries straight from the vine on our walks
ditto with wild strawberries
eating all the peas from the garden in shelton before we got a chance to harvest them
riding in the honda with him and having him put his head between the seats so I could rub his head while he was in the back seat. 

I'll add more as I remember them...but, here's some of my favorite photos.  I had a hard time choosing just a few.

Sabot McGrath
August 24, 2002 - December 29, 2012

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  1. I'm so sad for you guys. Losing a pet is so hard. I love the photos (especially the one in his pirate costume). Sabot will be greatly missed.