Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twelve Whole Month

We celebrated Logan's one year birthday this past weekend.  We had a small party - family and friends who are like family.  It was a nice crowd of people and Logan had a good time playing with two other little ones who were there as well.

We started the weekend with getting photos taken of Logan by the same photographer who did his newborn pics.  Photo link still to follow, but with the couple of sneaks that she's provided on Facebook - I'm definitely excited to see the rest of the photos.  Logan was a little bit distracted during the session by the newness of the studio.  But, I think there are some definite winners in there!

Sunday was Logan's actual birthday.  He's practically running all over the house now.  He eats everything.  He's working on words (we think that Ya is for Yankee), goes over to the bathroom when it's time for his bath (or when we ask him if he's ready for a bath), and he's trying to climb over everything!  He's been getting very good with gentle petting of yankee and the little book of faces and names that we got him has been a hit.  Whenever we get to the "daddy" photo and word, he turns to Joe and waves.  It's so cute.

We started off the morning with Birthday Bananas.  And crepes a little later on.  The party hat was not so popular and got flung off his head almost as quickly as it was on.

Daddy helping Logan out opening up presents from Grammy and Grampy.  I love the banner that I got on Etsy.  I'm considering leaving it up all year long!

More presents?  For me?  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

I totally understand why the month numbers stop at 12 - the dude was all over the place and we got no good photos....

Mommy and Daddy got me an activity cube.  And a super cute shirt!

Fun time with Grandma at the end of a super long day.

Happy Family!

My favorite photo of the day.  The smash cake took a little bit for Logan to get into.  He started with gently putting his finger into the frosting (oh so yummy vanilla frosting from Martha Stewart!).  When I realized that he could easily eat nothing but frosting, we cut the cake in half and he finally went to town.  This photo was post cake when he looked like he ate it like he stole it!

I can't believe that we have a one year old walking all over the house now.  He's definitely developing a sense of humor.  He loves to take drinks of water from his sippy cups and then spits said water out down his chin.  Again and again.  With us laughing.  He pauses long enough to make us think that he MIGHT swallow it..but nope, just down the chin.  He will randomly start walking away or crawling away from us shaking his head "no" wanting us to chase him.  He'll take our fingers to do things (press buttons, put them into holes in books) instead of using his own.  

Quite an awesome little boy we have here.  Not that we're biased.

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