Friday, February 08, 2013

12 the numbers

This kid moves around so quickly now, I have a hard time getting good pictures of him!

Here are the 12 month numbers from the pediatrician:

23 pounds (50-75th percentile)
31.5" long (90th percentile)


I put him in his first 18 month old onesie today.  I was a little shocked because it fit perfectly - it looked HUGE before I put it on.  We're solidly in the 18 month clothes now for everything!

Logan had a rough time readjusting to daycare this week.  After napping wonderfully with my mom here, he napped horribly most of the days at daycare.  We had a tired baby when we picked him up every night.  I felt so bad.  Two nights ago then, he was up from 0230 - 0500.  And then we woke him up again at 0600 for work.  Ugh - I hated that so much.  He was just exhausted that day.  I'm so glad it's the weekend..time for everyone to catch up on sleep, hopefully.

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  1. Love that he's a little cleaner. And a big guy! :) Hope you have a weekend full of good naps.