Saturday, February 09, 2013


In other news...I signed up for my first marathon.  I'll be racing in the Portland Marathon in October.  It's supposed to be one of the better marathons for first timers.  I also hope that I'll be participating in the Disney World Marathon 2014, but that one is a little more up in the air right now since we also just planned a ski trip to Utah in Feb 2014.  Two big trips with Logan within a month might be a little much.  I'm trying to recruit friends to do the DW Marathon, but haven't had any takers yet.  There's still time on that one, fortunately.

I'm a little (ok, a LOT) intimidated by the thought of a marathon, but I think the deciding factor for me was how "routine" half marathons have gotten.  I can do a LOT to improve my times and the quality of training for a half, but I really want to accomplish this.  Who knows - this might end up being my only marathon ever - I might hate it.  We'll see.

The ultimate goal is to race in the Goofy Challenge at WDW in 2016.  It's the half on Saturday followed by the full on Sunday.  Crazy?  Nah..just Goofy.

Random Logan things:
He's started using a fork with meals.  Last night and today he was stabbing pancake pieces and putting them into his mouth.  SO COOL.
Logan initiated peek-a-boo last night after bath when we had him all swaddled up while drying him.  And then again this morning with a book that was in his hands.
Our little book of faces and names continues to be a hit.  When we got to the "daddy" page and picture, Logan pointed at the picture and said "da".

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