Sunday, February 24, 2013

This is the stuff...

This was what weekends are for...hanging out, running, cooking, playing outside and having dinner with friends.

Joe, of course, feels that he is ever sleep deprived on weekends.  I have little sympathy after nursing a baby all night (and a lot of days) for the last year.  I've had TWO wonderful weeks of sleeping almost all the way through the night without a wake-up.  Logan had a few nights where he woke up, cried a little (or babbled) and then went back to sleep.  But, it was glorious.  This morning I got up at about 5am and put him back down for another couple of hours.  I didn't finally get out of bed until 7:40am.  Wonderful.

Logan was all over the place this weekend.  The house was his castle.  My favorite weekend thing:  having him plop into my lap and stick his feet in the air so I could put his shoes on.  So cute.  I put them on and off a few times - and each time he wanted them on, he'd do the plop and stick his feet up.  He loves his keens!

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  1. Great photos! Love the one of Yankee and Joe napping and the one of you and L. So happy you're getting some sleep! Yay! :)