Monday, February 18, 2013

This weekend was one of those weekends that was good...and not so good.  I like my job and love where I work.  Really, I do.  I managed to be in each of the days this past weekend due to where we are on the project right now.  That's the part I don't like - especially now with the kiddo around the house.  I was cool with all the weekend work and overtime (for the most part) pre-Logan.  Joe and I understood that work was important and that at times, weekends (and evenings) were sacrificed.

So, with my hours being a little unpredictable this weekend and the ever fluctuating nature of Logan's naps - everything got all cattywhompus.  We had wanted to go on a hike today, but that got scrubbed after I spent all morning at work.  Now, I really shouldn't complain...there are people spending WAY more time there than I am right now.  But I really really enjoy these weekends with Logan...and Joe, of course!

We did managed to do a little bit of fun stuff even with all the work.  A side trip from grocery shopping on Saturday took Logan and I to a cute little park up the hill from my favorite grocery store - Central Market.  Do you know why this store rocks (other than they have everything)?  I went to the butcher's window last week looking for flat iron steak.  I hadn't seen any out and usually they'll cut a special cut if they don't have any in the case.  The butcher led me to where it was, told me it was a new item (in a vacuum pack) and gave it to me for free to try - I still need to let them know how well it turned out, but how awesome is that?!  Anyway, back to the side trip.  Logan LOVED the swings...he was laughing as I was pushing him.  Can't wait till he's a little older and fits in the seat better.

Sunday consisted of more work, french toast (yum!) and a long run for me.  In between all that, Joe got the cozy coupe put together that our amazing friends got Logan for his first birthday.  This will eventually be an outdoor toy, but until the weather improves - it's going to get a lot of use in the house.  I see many, many laps in our future.

Finally, today Joe and I wanted to get out for a hike or head to the zoo.  The weather was cooperating and I had a time commitment that the meeting I needed to support was going to be at 10am.  Perfect.  Until I got to work and everything had gone to hell again.  At least my meeting was only pushed back to 11:30 - too bad they knew about this before I had left home and no one bothered to call me.  And then, before my eyes (and ears), the meeting was pushed to 12 noon.  ARGH!  

By the time I managed to get home, Logan was getting lunch and smack in-between two naps.  Of course.  That kind of limited our hike (now walk) options, so we headed to the Poulsbo Fish Park and Sound Brewery.  The fish park was great - not crowded, lots of open area.  

Who's that big kid?!

At Sound today, I gave Logan a TEENY bit of the ginger ale that they make in-house.  I think he went between loving it (as in, mouth WIDE open and tongue out seeking more) to making crazy faces when he finally tasted some.  It was awesome.  This kid is pretty cool...

So, that's the end of what feels like a short weekend.  At least it's a short week too!

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