Sunday, March 31, 2013

A day of exploring

Our first full day in Bend consisted of Joe skiing and Logan and I exploring the town a little bit.  Well, make that a lot because I went to try and find costco but left my phone at the timeshare - and I hadn't fully looked at the directions before leaving.  Turns out I was almost there, but turned around too soon.

Anyway, Logan and I were off to find one of the multitude of parks with neat play areas that bend has.  It took us a little bit (see issue above with no phone) but finally we found ourselves at the Farewell Bend community park.

When I saw this, I immediately thought - 'how typically oregonian - a bouldering play area for the kids' - but it is pretty awesome.  I can't wait until Logan is older and can really enjoy it  This area of Oregon has a pretty famous climbing area - Smith Rock.

Logan and I had a great time going down the slide on the play structure.  It was a little too long for me to put him on it and dash to the other side, so we just slid down together.  I got lots of laughs from that.  :-)  Love!

After lunch and nap, we headed up to Mt Bachelor to pick Joe up.  It was insanely gorgeous up there.  Essentially t-shirt weather, huge clear mountain - just beautiful.  I wonder sometimes if Logan is seeing all this...I know he won't remember, but coming around one of the curves on the drive - Mt Bachelor was there right in front of us.  Huge, gorgeous - stunning.  All the other mountains around it were out as well.  It was spectacular.  I see him looking in that general direction, so all I do is narrate what we're seeing.  Maybe it'll sink in.

Logan wasn't sure what to make of the snow.  It was kind of like his first experience with grass when he was standing - not super thrilled.  He especially wasn't happy when Joe threw a snowball at him.  We retaliated and he enjoyed it much more when we hit Joe with snowballs (and he laughs anytime someone says "ow" - this might be a problem in future years).


We finished up the day back in Bend.  Another brew pub for dinner - Cascade Lakes.  Not nearly as good either with the food or beer.  Logan slayed some mac and cheese.  :-)

Today I'm off to ski for a bit on my own and then my chauffeur will be up to pick me up later.  Rumor is it's going to be another warm gorgeous day today.  Darn!

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