Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another round of...

things I don't want to forget.  Since my scrapbooking has taken a backburner, I figure I'll capture this stuff here and then eventually move it to paper.

Logan grinning while swinging on my lap at the local park.  I always think that Joe gets all the fun stuff, so I was happy to have this one be mine.
Logan tumbling down the "big" slide...whoops.  The shoes must have stuck.  He luckily was cool with going down again after that - and we took his shoes off.
The kid LOVING hummus.  Seriously.  I think he'll eat anything with hummus.  I need to try that theory out a little more. 
Playing peek-a-boo on the way home yesterday while he was snuggling with his blankie.
Speaking of snuggling, suddenly this week he's all about snuggling with stuffed animals.  The doggie we've had for a while (that looks like a sabot or golden retriever) came back out and he walked around the house cuddling with it for a while.  He's presently napping with it.
Getting bit at daycare for the first time.  Ugh.  I felt awful...he had a big scratch on his head from it and seemed like he wanted to snuggle a little more when we got home.
Hearing good stories from daycare.  This week - when one of the kids was having an awful day (sick) and crying / screaming infected the entire room, Logan and his friend Emmett were the only two who remained calm. 
Another good story - how he loves story time and stays engaged for the duration.  I guess that's a little unusual with kids this age.
Logan sobbing hysterically (to the point where he was hyperventilating and had big crocodile tears) when we got to daycare on Monday because they wouldn't let him eat play dough.  Go figure. 
Being on a telcon last weekend and having Logan walk around with the phone on speaker and mute.  If I had to be on the stupid telcon, I might as well enjoy it and get some laughs out of it.

Work happiness:
Getting rid of my ship back to San Diego.  Woohoo!  What a relief.  I'm working on the hotwash stuff now and get a trip down to SD in a few weeks.  There might be a side trip to Disneyland when I'm down there.  Just sayin.
Turning over my other ship to a co-worker.  That means I'm down to only 1 job vice 2.

Personal happiness:
Hanging out with Joe on a lazy weekend finally.  There might even be car shopping!
A great 7 mile run today.  Felt awesome and I had a great pace - even managed a negative split for the last half (i.e., the last half of the run was faster than the first half).

Joe post-beer run.  That boppy is STILL useful!

Batman!  And a cape!


My little elf.  I'm going to be so sad when he outgrows this jacket...

Yeah, yeah.  Too many words, not enough photos.

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  1. Hmm, reminds me of a little girl who absolutely loved guacamole at a very early age!

    Love the Batman shirt.