Sunday, March 03, 2013

New things...and some old ones

Sushi (not NEW new, but it had been a while) = hit.  That's a smoked salmon roll and a brown rice California roll.

I love the nonchalant way that Logan and Joe are high fiving in this photo.  

Walking the street in front of the house = hit.  Well, it was essentially running.

Tantrums = not hot.
This is Logan's tantrum pose.  I like to think that he's practicing yoga (downward dog) and is just re-centering and collecting himself before being done with said tantrum.

Logan and I went to the Kid's Discovery Museum on Bainbridge Island while Joe is off playing in the mountains for a couple of days.  While it was chaotic chasing him around the place, he had a good time.  The dolls were his favorite toy followed closely by this electric car.  He mostly tried to crawl in the car, but sat there for this photo. I was, of course, holding onto him with one hand.

Nutella crepes = hot.

  It was a gorgeous day and we grabbed a crepe to go and wandered down to the Waterfront park.  Needless to say, Nutella is a hit.  Who can blame him?

Hanging with Mommy = hit.

Randomness from this week:  Logan started stealing the other kids blankets and pacifiers from their cribs at daycare (and waking said children up).  We were asked to bring in a blanket for Logan so he might stop stealing them.  

Riding in the car facing forward - scorching hot!  The wide eyed look when we first went out with the new configuration was awesome. 

And, the last new thing - horchata = hot! (to the extreme).  Joe and I went to a local mexican place and while the rest of the meal was a bust for Logan, horchata was a huge hit.  I can't blame him - I love it too!

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