Saturday, March 30, 2013

Road Tripping!

Our first long vacation with the kiddo - and a major long road trip!  We headed down to Bend, OR for a week of skiing, hiking, playing outside and relaxing.  It was a much needed break after the completion of my recent project and involved skiing - which, anytime there's skiing - Joe's in.

We knew it was a risk heading to a ski area late season...Mt Bachelor tends to stay open a little longer than some of the WA ski resorts, so we were pretty comfortable with the risk.

We geared up, packed the car in 2 hours (Joe and I are pretty awesome travelers, I have to say - we can pack efficiently and effectively in no time at all) and got ready for the next morning.  We had wanted to leave just after Logan's breakfast - normally 8am or so. But, 8am rolled around and someone was still sleeping - what?!  He's coming through a cold, so I'm not surprised...but WOW!  It was getting close to 8:30 when I finally decided to wake him up.  Not a happy camper - sound asleep.  I have no idea how much longer he would have slept...

So off we went....we powered through to Vancouver, WA and finally got everyone out for lunch at one of my favorite NW chains - Burgerville.  How can you go wrong with locally sourced ingredients - and they do some pretty awesome seasonal specials (asparagus in the spring, strawberry shakes and hazelnut shakes - my personal favorite!).  And - they have a kids play area with building blocks...perfect.  AND - pre-sanitized high chairs - all wrapped in plastic and ready to go.  This was killer - Logan could eat a PB&J and I didn't worry about how icky the chair might be.  More chains totally need to do this!

We kept on keeping on after lunch.  It was getting a little dicey in the afternoon with Logan even after I broke out "new toys" (really, his toys but new for the trip and they hadn't been played with in a while) - not happy with being cooped up. As I reached back to wipe his nose, he grabbed the kleenex, kind of wiped it himself (or waved it in front of his face) and then happily started shredding the kleenex.  Awesome!  He was happy, occupied and very pleased with himself.

Oh yeah - I love making messes!

We also used the snack cup a lot - that was helpful and distracting.  There was a bit of a mess at the end....but we don't let him eat in the car any other time, so I was ok with this...

Barely room for a baby!

We got here to bend, settled into the timeshare (Seventh Mountain Resort), let him stretch his legs for a bit and then we headed out to dinner.  Bend has something like 12 breweries in town - most are kid friendly as well.  There are so many breweries - they have a "Bend Ale Trail".  Our first try was the biggie - Deschutes Brewery.  They do stuff like Mirror Pond Pale ale, Black Butte Porter,etc.   We filled up two growers of good drinks and had a great dinner.

Everyone settled in for the night and now today, we're looking forward to the 65 degree forecast in the high desert.

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