Saturday, March 16, 2013

What happened to the month?

I blink and we've had two full weeks into this month.  Crazy...Logan has moved up to the pre-toddler room at daycare and is rocking it.  He's been napping amazingly well, eating well and just doing awesome in general.  When we picked him up after his first full day there, he was playing in the sandbox when we walked up.  He turned around, looked at us and kept playing.  That theme was consistent throughout the week...or he'd toddle over to us and just wait for us to finish the paperwork to grab him.  Wild - I didn't think it would be this easy.  Shoot...I've probably just cursed myself.

It's also been five weeks, so I think I'm finally safe to say he's sleeping all the way through the night now.  We've had one wakeup where he couldn't get back to sleep in that time.

We've just kind of been going through life here.  Work has settled down...sort of.  Kind of...maybe.  I'm hoping to be DONE with this ship this week.  We'll see.

Dinners at home have been going well for Logan for the last week.  I'm sure that we'll change again soon and he won't eat anything but pouches, but we're in a good spot right now.  Earlier this week, Logan thoroughly enjoyed dinner and dessert.  I can't remember dinner, but dessert was part of a Trophy Cupcake.  Wouldn't you want to smash it all over your face if you could?!  This was "preblueberry-rolling-out-the mouth".  Of course, I missed the action shot!

Today was art day at home.  I finally got some paper and big crayons for Logan to play with.  It was a hit.  Except for  continuously trying to climb on TOP of the tray.

Look at that smile!

Finally, the rain boots...he's been pretty insistent when he wants shoes on.  And a coat.  Earlier this week, he was wandering around the house just before bed with shoes, a coat and a diaper.  It was a good look.  Almost as good as this one.


Tomorrow Joe has another beer run.  Needless to say, Logan and I are headed to the zoo.  :-)

Running and working out has been going well.  The gym has been amazing to use.  It's so nice to head out there in the evenings after I put Logan down.  I've been getting up way to early at least one day a week to get some time on the bike as well.  Ugh.  Not fun.  But I've been using my new-ish Garmin watch to keep track of running workouts - it's been slick and I'm now very aware of those beeps every mile and keeping tabs on my pace.  

One of these days, I need to make it into the pool at Bangor to swim before work.  That means more early

So, I'm going to add another item to my running bucket list this year - I signed up to be part of a RAGNAR Northwest Passage team.  Yikes!  15 miles of running over about 24-30 hours.  Goodness...that sounds reasonable (when did I get to that point?!) but it sounds like an amazingly long day.

At least it'll be a furlough weekend...that helps take the sting out of it a little...maybe.  I'm trying to talk myself up for that so we can at least do some fun stuff while our pay is slashed due to idiots in congress.  

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  1. Wow, does sound like a busy few weeks! LOVE the galoshes. P is still getting accustomed to shoes but I can't wait to get her a pair of her very own Keens, Crocs and galoshes. Yea, those are my signature shoes. ;) maybe she'll be ready for Reef flip flops next summer :D