Saturday, April 20, 2013

Home is wonderful

It's so great to be home again.  Thursday was another LONG day...walked in the door here about 12:45am and hit my pillow by 1am.  After having been at Disneyland all day, all I wanted to do was sleep.  Thankfully, Logan cooperated and I was able to sleep until 8am.  Ahh...bliss.

The flight, however, was another story.  I've traveled with colds and before and have dealt with my ears not clearing.  But nothing was like this week - I've been sick for a couple of days, battling a cold that had me pretty congested.  My ears were giving me problems on takeoff, but I was able to clear them.  The way down was another story.  In addition to my ears painfully not clearing (finally got them after a lot of trying), I had EXCRUCIATING sinus pain in my forehead on the descent.  Imagine an ice pick being pounded into your skull.  Ugh.  I quickly googled this on my phone and seems it can happen with colds.  Awesome.  I've had lingering sinus since then - luckily it improves with sudafed.  Definitely hoping this doesn't turn into a sinus infection.

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day at home..lots of playing, cuddling and hanging out.  We went to visit a co-worker and her 5 week old kiddo. Man - that was a long time ago for us.  :-)  Logan was a cutie - he found new uses for infant toys that had us laughing pretty good.

I think that Logan used up all his "goodness" in that visit though, because it was touch and go the entire rest of the evening.  Even bath time was an utter bust - which is a first.

But, we did have a few really great moments in the afternoon.  Logan was loving his peas at dinnertime - even though this looks like a mess, there were lots of peas going into the mouth!

I also threw some "new" chuck taylors on stinking cute on his little legs! He's really used to shoes now - these didn't even phase him.  The downside was he was then thinking we'd be going outside...shoot - I didn't think that one through!

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