Friday, April 12, 2013

Working World

I don't talk about work too much on here anymore.  It's kind of been nice and level.  We've had our moments, but with my project wrapping up, the ship back in San Diego and me transitioning to a new job soon - it seems like it's time to reflect again on work.

I've been getting back into some leadership books again lately.  Working my way through "Emotional Intelligence"...breakfast meetings with an awesome group of ladies to discuss deep listening (and man whores...but that was just a side topic)...and starting two "lean in" circles with other mid-level managers at the shipyard.

The whole "Lean In" book has re-ignited my interest in leadership styles.  Before I even read the book, I read some criticism of the book - mostly geared around Sandberg is blaming women for not reaching the highest heights in the C-suite and that she's telling women to act more like men in the office to get ahead.

I don't think that could be further from the truth.  I think that Sandberg is telling women to be who they are.  To address gender in the not shy away from the discussion.  She also has some really (REALLY) important points about not leaning back before you have kids (or are pregnant...or married) - which is something that I experienced with one of the ladies I mentor.  She was over a year away from even being pregnant - merely thinking about it - and she was talking about staying in her current job and not looking for anything else long term because she wanted to be ready for when she had kids.  I think that while a huge change is not ideal right after returning to work post-maternity leave, it's certainly doable.

The other big point for me was making sure you have a true partner.  On first look - Joe and I might not have the most equal division of labor.  I do the cooking, most of the cleaning (although Joe does a killer job at bathrooms - seriously), grocery shopping and a fair amount of the childcare (way more on the weekends).  What does Joe do?  All the yard work, the car maintenance, bill paying, researching and acting on financial decisions (with discussion) and all the construction-type projects (of which there have been many in the last few years).  We both earn the money...and we certainly talk about who is doing what when to make sure that we both don't have plans at the same time.... I'd say it's pretty even - although there are days when I'm cooking with a toddler screaming and hanging onto my leg when it might not feel like it...but, he's there to take care of him when I'm occupied...

The whole circle should be a really fascinating time to explore leadership and support other women in similar positions at work.  I'm super stoked to get it going.

And, because every post deserves some cuteness.

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